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Fma Group Spiritual Mentoring
Fma Group Spiritual Mentoring

Welcome! Spiritual evolution can be a very daunting experience and sometimes feels like a lonely path. I am here to help you along your journey. Human spirituality transcends the barriers of religion and affiliations. It’s built on beliefs that are somehow innate in all of us  which is regardless of age, sex or cultural background.

Spiritual Leadership

All parts welcome is supporting you in the journey of the road less travelled. As an Independent Spiritual Seeker you may be struggling to find your way as a non-follower and feeling lost and alone. You may have had a peak awakening but now find it hard living in the real world, where most people don’t have a clue what you experienced. You may feel frustrated and depressed dragging yourself to work secretly knowing there is a deeper life available and not knowing how to access it. It’s difficult living in the gap between the spiritual and ordinary life. It doesn’t have to be this way. Have you experienced dark night of the soul?

Are you ready to step into a radically different and more fulfilling way of living? I can give explanations of ideas and suggestions on how to reach objectives and get things done. We all have a choice of path, negative or positive. It’s easy to give in to the negative, but I can help you  understand the power of peace, love, kindness, joy and patience.


Our authentic spiritual mentorship program is genuinely interested in helping you to discover your unique purpose and identity in life. Through a number of self-awareness practices you will strengthen the conscious connection to your divine essence so that you can live more in the moment with authenticity and presence with an open mind and pure heart.  You will experience that your strongest source of empowerment, resourcefulness, inner strength, full potential and love are sourced from within. As you continue to embody your true self, other tools and techniques will be taught concurrently to help you master important spheres of your life, so that you can be more prosperous and successful without sacrificing your soul.


According to your need, you will receive spiritual guidance on how to:

  • Give voice to your life purpose

  • Open up to your divine attributes and inner gifts

  • Find inner peace through non-religious spiritual practices

  • Understand the nature of the self and reactive mind

  • Develop and listen to your intuition

  • Solve difficult problems

  • Find direction and spiritual guidance on a daily basis

  • Master your energy states

  • Dissolve criticalness and limiting beliefs

  • Make conscious choices

  • Experience deeper rapport with loved ones

  • Create and recognize coincidence and  synchronicity

  • Learn from and overcome fear

  • Let go of negative karma and develop good luck

  • Live more from your heart

  • Enhance your communication skills to improve your relationships

  • Take creative, intelligent and effective action

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