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and so the journey begins..


Hello and welcome to the All Parts Welcome. My name is Craig and I believe my purpose in life is to help people overcome the barriers to success and provide support in a non-judgemental supportive manner.


I am a registered healthcare professional with a range of life experiences that includes military service, business coaching and front line NHS work. Over the years I have been lucky enough to travel the world looking for different perspectives and enlightenment on spirituality, leading me to establish the movement All Parts Welcome.


This movement is still evolving and exciting opportunities  are becoming available all the time. I have been able to help clients around the world. I have a strong belief in the core values of authenticity, integrity and understanding that everyone is accountable for their actions. 


Craig took his vision and turned it in to reality. A lot of the skills and experiences are gained from a wide variety of life interaction.

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How  I can help you :


A lot of my clients require flexibility and are internationally based so to accommodate this the majority of coaching can be carried out online. There may be occasions when a face to face coaching session would be more comfortable or appropriate so we try to be as flexible as possible.


Sometimes it's hard to see our way out of difficult situations due to our own conditioning. That is where we are able to help! I personally have experience of working and helping clients in the following areas:


  • People who have experienced emotional or physical trauma including PTSD.

  • People who have suffered and experienced anti-depressant SSRI withdrawal.

  • People seeking a career change or having difficulties with their working life.

  • Anxiety/depression/OCD along with many other mental health issues.

  • Relationship problems whether that be family, work or partners.

  • Spiritual fulfilment and the desire to evolve.​


  • I can help develop a plan for your career and life goals.

  • I can help you understand your emotional barriers to success.

  • Help you become the authentic and comfortable person that you truly are.

  • Make you aware of the many tools we have available to cope with life’s challenges.

  • Help you tap in to your wealth of inner confidence and show you how to use it in everyday life.

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