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Craig is a very dedicated, flexible and trustworthy coach. What I appreciated the most is that he is tutoring with real-life experience for real-world business situations and that he is practising in a transparent style, focusing on personal values and supporting individual aims. It was a great inspiration, and a pleasure working with him.

James N. Operations Manager.

Craig is an excellent coach. He has the ability to read between the lines and help you find your roadblocks. He is compassionate and honest. We have covered a lot of ground during our coaching sessions and it has helped me become more efficient in my work and more content with its processes. I highly recommend Craig as a coach.

Dianne B. Personal Assistant.

Craig has extraordinary coaching capabilities. He puts his natural empathy, curiosity and personal experience to the service of his coaching sessions, which are always engaging and mind-opening. Whether you need to improve your skills, practice mindfulness or overcome specific challenges, you will always benefit from Craig's sessions.

Steven M. Gym Manager.


When I first started working with Craig I had completely lost my way in life, I felt as if I had nothing to offer. Craig has shown me what I have to offer the world and once again to start feeling good about who I am. The most powerful thing Craig has given me is the ability to say who I am and what I stand for, a great feeling!

Andy G. Eternal Student.

I worked with Craig after struggling to find the next step in my career and to explore the possibility of living abroad. Craig was fantastic. We set objectives for what I wanted to accomplish, identified my values, tackled current work issues and explored future career ideas. I was so pleased at the structure and focus of each session. A year later, I can honestly say that I have work life balance and better non-defensive communication skills. I highly recommend Craig. He's the complete package: focused, reflective, practical, productive, and supportive.
Eve G. Media Assistant.


Craig is an amazing life coach. He is very empathic and professional. My sessions with him helped me truly move forward with life. He has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side.
Calum S. Paramedic.


I greatly appreciate your grounded, clear, approach to understanding my ADHD mind and your help distilling and calendaring my action items so I don’t get anxious and give into procrastination!
Yvonne B. Sales Manager.


Thank you so much, Craig! Everything has been going so well for me since our first session. I got the raise I wanted at work and I realize how much more confidence I have. I wake up grateful everyday with a big smile on my face.
Julie F. Primary School Teacher.


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