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Are you bored at work or school? Do you dream of finding a career you love, but have no idea where to start? All Parts Welcome  Life and Career Coaching will identify your skills and interests, and uncover the career path that will make you feel happy, successful and fulfilled.


Finding a rewarding career path is a difficult process for many of us. We’re rarely taught how to make good career decisions, and often need help uncovering what we’re good at.

I can help you to uncover your hidden motivations and desires. This information is used to build a clear picture of what jobs will fit your personality and skills, and then identify specific career paths that align with your values and motivations. Get a clear picture of what jobs will fit your personality and skills, and then identify specific career paths that align with your life-goals.


Do I need  All Parts Wecome Career coaching?

There are two types of people who really benefit from career coaching: students who are unsure of what to study or what they’re good at, and adults who want a career change but are unsure of which direction to take.

All Parts Welcome Career Coaching will help you:

  • Understand your values and motivations

  • Discover what makes you happy and fulfilled

  • Decide on what to study in college or university

  • Get a job you’ll enjoy that uses your education and experience

  • Find career paths and jobs that are matched to your interests, skills and life goals

If you’ve had trouble in any of these areas, you’re not alone. Whether you’re still in school or already working, it’s never too late to put yourself on the right career path.

How does  All Parts Welcome Career Coaching work?

Career coaching at All Parts Welcome teaches you a system for making good career decisions and identifying a career path that’s right for you. While everyone will have different outcomes, the process of creating a personal career path can be broken down into four universal components.


1. Know your interests

What do you like to do? The question seems simple, but it’s often the trickiest one to answer. We all like to do many things, but getting paid to do them is often a challenge. You will discover which of your interests can earn you money and become the foundation of your career path.

2. Know your skills

We’re not always good at the things we like to do. To be successful at a job you need to know the difference between what you’re good at now, and what you’d like to be good at in the future. This identifies realistic job options, as well as the foundation of your career progression.

3. Know your values

We’d all like to be rich, creative, secure, and help others, but what values are truly necessary for you to have a fulfilling life? We often chase things like money and success, only to find they don’t always make us happy. You will discover which values and achievements make you truly happy.

4. Know your personality

What makes you, you? Are you a people person, or do you love working alone? Your personality has a huge role in determining what jobs you will be successful at. You will learn how to leverage your natural strengths to identify a career path that suits your personality.

Each component will be explored in a one-on-one session with your Fma Group  Career Coach. You will add jobs and career directions to your profile as you complete each session. By the final session, you will have identified the top two to three career options that match your interests, skills, values and personality.

By the end of the process, you will have:

  • A clear understanding of your interests and skills

  • Clarity on what motivates you at work or in school

  • Career paths that are realistic, fulfilling and attainable

  • Specific job recommendations that match your personality and life-goals.

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