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Passionate About Inspiring Others

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Adventure on glacier in New Zealand. Challenging beliefs and barriers about what we can achieve. FMA life coaching is all about momentum.
  • Clinical applications of IFS (Internal Family Systems). 

  • Hypnotherapy practitioner.

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  Master practitioner.

  • Registered Health care professional.

  • Treating Trauma Master Series, NICABM.

  • Foundations of wellbeing, Rick Hanson.

  • Life Coaching Diploma.

  • Post Graduate Masters level module in Leadership.

  • Post Graduate Masters level module in Mentorship.

  • Post Graduate Masters level module in Evidence based practice.

  • B/A (Hons) Business Administration and Marketing.

Centre of Excellence Life Coaching award
Awarding bodies & Registrations:
  • HCPC Health and Care Professions Council

  • CMA Complementary Medical Association

  • IAHT International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

  • University of Bradford

  • University of Cumbria

  • Centre of Excellence


  • PESI

IAHT Membership
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