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What is business coaching?


Business coaching services help you have a clear vision for your business with a plan that works. Does the business fit you personally and professionally? If you are in the correct mind space with your business then it will flow much more easily. I can help you stay motivated and create the results that you want.


As an entrepreneur, you wear many different hats be it general management, human resources, finance and more. I offer concrete advice to help you understand and manage all the different functions of your organization with confidence.

Learn to do it yourself with a unique approach to advisory services with our business coaching courses.

I can help you acquire the knowledge and know-how to build a successful business by providing you with practical managerial advice and access to flexible financing.


I will guide you through the 3-step methodology so you can:

  • Discover new insight into your business and identify priorities for action.

  • Develop your skills and knowledge while using practical tools to address your priorities.

  • Deliver a plan to maintain momentum and continue enhancing your capabilities.


Learn how to build a successful strategy

Aligning your management team behind one vision is the first step towards a solid strategic plan that will help protect and strengthen your position in the market place.

We can help you understand your current market situation and lay the strategic foundation of your company’s future state.

Strategic planning for small business will help you:

  • learn the basics of strategic planning;

  • understand your competitive position in the market;

  • articulate your desired future state;

  • determine business priorities; and

  • align your management team behind one vision.


1. Discover

We meet with you to understand your business and objectives. During this phase, we also:

  • assess your current business approach and market position

  • align your leadership team behind a common vision

  • deliver strategy fundamentals training to you and your managers.


2. Develop

Together, we plan a strategic thinking workshop with your team, which will be facilitated by your coach. During the workshop, you and your managers will define your company’s:

  • Vision

  • Value

  • Value proposition

  • Strategic objectives /priorities

After the workshop, we’ll prioritize items in your action plan to achieve your objectives.

3. Deliver

We give you a strategic roadmap containing your current state, future state, strategic priorities, high-level action plan, best practices, measurements for monitoring performance and recommend next steps.

Once your strategic foundation is in place, we can help you develop it further with effective strategic planning.

Take control of your company’s future by laying down a solid strategic foundation with our business coaching programs!

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